American Indian NBC Employee Suing for Harassment


Faruq “Peter” Wells, an American Indian who worked at NBC studios on Today, The Dr. Oz Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is suing his former employer after enduring abuse after returning from a vacation according to the New York Post.

Wells quit his job when Human Resources Department advised him to ignore the problem, according to court papers. The problem was being tormented about his ethnicity by his colleagues, when they strung an Indian doll on a noose and called it his “long-lost daughter,” he claims.

See the full story here.

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softbreeze's picture
Submitted by softbreeze on
I just read the entire article and all I can say is, "Wow". How can grown adults be THAT immature and cruel? You'd think with all the money these people have, they'd be a little happier and not feel the need the to treat other people like garbage. I hope he takes them to the cleaners, then they won't feel so high and mighty.

zelbe1's picture
Submitted by zelbe1 on
I guess going into the year 2000 didn't heal or change anything for this so-called best nation on earth, but at least the Indians have evolved. You would think that after 500 years of being forced to learn about Jesus, your lands taken, your language and religion outlawed, your children taken, your icons and imagery slandered and your culture re-invented, you would think NBC would be made up of sophisticated people, instead, they prove who the real savages are. Maybe they are the ones who came from monkeys after all?

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Submitted by hialeahmaria on
The jury may still be out on whether Comcast is dragging its feet on diversity but one thing is certain, Comcast will have to get up to speed quickly. Because it's about to have the preverbiall "shit" storm brewing over the apparent culture of racism that exists at NBC. Believe me it will be hard to run away from the evidence that will be available to Faruq "Peter" Wells who is currently suing NBC for discrimination. The evidence will show that NBC has fostered an ongoing culture of racism despite nearly a dozen discrimination lawsuits filed against it in the last 10 years. It has done little to clean its house aside from paying off the litigants and pretending the incidents never occurred. Their favorite tactic is launching investigations that historically blame the victims or outright find that no fault. In fact, their wil be pictures of nooses that hung in workplaces and swastikas that adorned pipes in NBC's World Headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, as well as emails from the perpetrators of these so-called jokes, openly admitting their guilt. The last thing NBC wants to happen is that they supplant the Rupert Murdoch mess in the headlines. I am not Faruq "Peter" Wells" attorney, but a journalist who collected the evidence years ago. But the last time a lawsuit was filed, the plaintiffs turned out to be people who betrayed their own cause by accepting the 30 pieces of silver and slinking off into the shadows never to be heard from again. Perhaps this time someone will stand up and fight. By the way the same civil rights leaders who went to bat for Oprah, left the workers who filed their lawsuits ten years ago, swinging in the wind without a peep uttered anywhere. From a comment written by DonClark Williams

dbender's picture
Submitted by dbender on
I just want to say that I am disgusted, appalled, enaraged, but not at all surprised in the actions of NBC studios. They are just another appendage of the demonic zeitgeist that has stricken this shallow nation of addicts and obsessive compulsives who fuel this farce reality THEY CALL NEWS! Why don't they just admit the truth and that is they are probablly jealous of our proud warrior-professional in Mr. Wells because American culture is the most fantastic fantasy known to civilization and a total farce of reality. The American Dream is just that; a dream (not real). The beauty of this country lies in people like Faruq Wells whom courageously rise to the occasion against such hatred and bigotry. Meanwhile, these gutless individuals pose for facebook pics with hollow laughter because they cant have what we have...dignity, self-respect, and happiness without. That is what happens to a sick society (controlled by psychopaths and narcissists) on the wrong side of humanity. The exec's who refused retribution on the NBC employees who perpetrated against Mr. Wells will have their day in darkness as well as they should. I will continue to spread the word about NBC and block it from being viewed in my home. They are nothing more than reactionaries and false propaganda purveyors anyway. NBC deploys typical divide-counquer strategy used to sow seeds of confusion and thankfully, we have warriors like Faruq who expose the beast for what it really is...evil. Thank you Faruq!