59th Annual Cherokee National Holiday Slow Pitch Softball Tournament

59th Annual Cherokee National Holiday Slow Pitch Softball Tournament


The 59th Annual Cherokee National Holiday slow pitch softball tournament is coming to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on  Sept. 2 – 4, at the Cherokee Nation softball fields next to Sequoyah Schools.

There will be 26 team positions available for women and 36 team positions available for men. The early bird deadline for team entries is Aug. 12, with an entry fee of $175; after that date, team fees go up to $200. Applications must be received with full payment no later than Aug. 22 by 5 p.m. Team members must be citizens of a federally recognized tribe with the exception of four players per team. Amateur Softball Association of America rules apply during the tournament.

Gate admissions are $1. For more information contact Crystal Bogle at 918-530-8777 or crystal-bogle@cherokee.org. Applications are available for download at http://holiday.cherokee.org.

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Man that sucks i heard of a tournament in Oklahoma in September but i thought it was next year im from california and we were going to see if we could get in maybe next time then