The Ralph Engelstad Arena has hundreds of Fighting Sioux images including the huge logo inlay on the floor. Removing them could cost up to $1 million, so many will stay.

University of North Dakota Faces Sanctions


According to MPR News, the University of North Dakota missed its deadline—mandated by the NCAA—to drop the Fighting Sioux nickname and now faces sanctions starting today.

"Those sanctions say, in part, that we can't host postseason games and we also can't wear our university nickname and logo in postseason play," said UND spokesman Peter Johnson in the . "There also are some issues related to the imargery in Ralph Englestad Arena." Those issues are mainly the hundreds of Fighting Sioux images around the arena, which hosts hockey and other campus events.

MPR News reported that North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple mentioned calling a special legislative session to reconsider a state law requiring the school to keep the derogatory mascot.

But what the new mascot will be and when Fighting Sioux will be retired is unclear to Johnson.

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