Run Red Walk: A Navajo Sheepdog is one of two winners for Short Subject at the Montreal First People's Festival from August 2–9, 2011.

Closer Look: Montreal Fest Short Subject Winners


MONTREAL—A lost Navajo sheepdog and a Maori gang member who decides to take a day off would not on the surface of things seem to have much in common. But the two were brought together in Montreal earlier this month, at least on screen, to tie for Best Short Subject for their respective filmmakers.

The Montreal First People's Festival 2011 awarded prizes to Melissa Henry for Run Red Walk: A Navajo Sheepdog and to Zoe McIntosh for Day Trip.

Both Henry and McIntosh have won big on the international circuit with both these and previous films. Here is a sampling of each.

Run Red Walk: A Navajo Sheepdog

Day Trip

If you like what you saw, you can follow Run Red Walk on Facebook and learn more about Day Trip here and here.

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