Cherokee Nation Businesses Partners with Walmart


Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) has partnered with Walmart to create more employment opportunities for its tribal citizens and the residents of Mayes County, Oklahoma, according to the tribe's news release.

CNB employees will inspect televisions that have been returned to Walmart stores from around the region to determine if they are in working condition and if they are missing any parts. Returned items that can be re-sold are then repackaged and sold to online auction or liquidation companies. Once a consumer wins a bid, CNB will ship the merchandise directly to the buyer.

“This division is a great example of the Cherokee people’s determination for success and our willingness to work hard,” said David Stewart, chief executive officer of CNB. “Over the past decade, we’ve created thousands of new jobs and established our Nation as perhaps the most vital economic development engine in the region. The continued creation of new jobs gives our citizens the opportunity to provide for themselves and for their families, so that our Cherokee culture may continue to thrive.”

The company recently celebrated the creation of 32 jobs with the opening of its 143,000-square-foot distribution center at MidAmerica Industrial Park, located in Pryor, Oklahoma. With the addition of the Walmart partnership, CNB looks to immediately hire 10 to 12 additional employees and anticipates that number increasing as the relationship develops. In total, the Cherokee Nation and its businesses employ more than 8,500 people.

“To have the opportunity to do business with a company of Walmart’s magnitude speaks highly of our capabilities and our professionalism,” Stewart said in the release. “We are hopeful that this product line can develop into future opportunities and more job opportunities for the Cherokee Nation.”

Information regarding employment at Cherokee Nation Businesses is available at

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debrinconcita's picture
Submitted by debrinconcita on
I am happy to see that Walmart is helping the NATIVE Tribes with Jobs & it's a great idea. I hope to see this happen to more Tribes in the USA in the future.

charliomalley's picture
Submitted by charliomalley on
I cannot believe Walmart cares about anybody, including Indians.

candyo's picture
Submitted by candyo on
I do not trust the Walmarts to partner with the Indians on anything. I use to shop there for everything... After the uprising with the little girl in Kennett, Mo over her cutting in line, and a similar incident that happened to me, I stopped shopping there. They target Native Americans for shoplifting and one day I had ordered my daughters contacts from the vision center and a glass display fell over and ten pair of sunglasses fell into my buggy which I was unaware of... then when I went out of the store the buzzard never went off. I saw the glasses when I put my groceries in the trunk and left them in the buggy in the parking lot. Next thing that happened I was arrested for grand theft and I was taken to jail. They Walmart dismissed it but I had to go through all that humiliation and I had never been arrested in my life! They never repaid me my money for the contacts I purchased on my debit card and I have read how they treated that little girl from Kennett Mo and I called her attorney and told them I would testify against Walmart for her!!! Don't trust them!!!