Harper on Scheduled Trip to North, Including Resolute Bay

Harper on Scheduled Trip to North, Including Resolute Bay


Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Resolute Bay on Tuesday as part of his sixth annual trek north, and in conjunction with Operation Nanook, the Arctic sovereignty exercises that were under way when Saturday’s fatal plane crash occurred.

He paid tribute to the 12 victims of First Air flight 6560, bringing a condolence wreath to a community meeting and speaking to the grief-stricken residents, most of whom knew at least one person on Saturday’s ill-fated trip.

Among the dead were the head of Natural Resources Canada's Polar Continental Shelf Program, as well as the six-year-old granddaughter and several staff members of a local innkeeper. The Boeing 737’s black box had been recovered by Tuesday, and authorities were still investigating the tragedy.

His schedule calls for stops in Baker Lake, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Haines Junction, with a return to Ottawa on Friday, according to the Canadian Press.

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