Delores Sumner, special collections librarian at Northeastern State University’s John Vaughan Library, looks at one of the vast collections of books and resources about American Indians contained in her department.

Native American Librarian Takes Pride in Special Collection

John Vaughan Library at Northeastern State University

The Special Collections section of Northeastern State University's John Vaughan Library in Tahlequah, Oklahoma is an extensive collection available to anyone who wants to know more about Native American history. From professors and students to genealogical research and international visitors.

At the helm of the Special Collections section is librarian Delores Sumner, Comanche, who has taken pride in organizing and archiving the extensive Native American collection since the mid-1980s. She recently told the Tahlequah Daily Press that she has a number of one-of-a-kind pieces donated by people.

To read more about the Special Collection at NSU, visit the Tahlequah Daily Press website.

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