Nathalie Tomasik, left, and Kaylea Dreadfulwater, right, stand before the crowd with newly crowned Jr. Miss Cherokee, Christy Kingfisher, center.

Christy Kingfisher Named Junior Miss Cherokee


It was a close competition for Junior Miss Cherokee, but in the end, it was Christy Kingfisher,18, of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who wore the crown.   The competition was held in the Sequoyah Schools gymnasium. The judges were clearly  wowed by Kingfisher’s many accomplishments (at the tender age of 18 no less!); they also honored her with the competition’s academic, essay, cultural presentation and traditional dress awards.

Nathalie Tomasik, 16, of Tahlequah was named first runner-up, while Julie Thornton, 16, of Muskogee, Okla., was second runner-up. Kaylea Dreadfulwater, 17, of Tahlequah was the recipient of the Miss Congeniality award.

“I’m amazed by the talent, poise and cultural awareness present in all of this year’s contestants,” said Todd Enlow in a press release, the group leader of Cherokee Nation Leadership Services, which sponsors the Jr. Miss Cherokee Leadership Competition. “Even though all the contestants are different, they would and will serve us well as ambassadors. I’m sure they will be great Cherokee Nation ambassadors in the future.”

Over the next year, Kingfisher will attend a variety of public events serving as a goodwill and cultural ambassador for the Cherokee Nation.

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