Notah Begay on Fighting Childhood Diabetes and Obesity


As Notah Begay's NB3 Foundation Challenge swings into action on August 31, we wanted to showcase this video in which Begay himself gets to explain how the NB3 Foundation is attacking the challenge of minimizing the rates of type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity in Indian Country.

Begay has never been satisfied with being solely a PGA Tour golf pro, hence his being selected as one of the Top 100 Worldwide Sports Educators by the Institute for International Sport.

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Submitted by kellybliss on
It is wonderful that Notah Begay is encouraging healthy living for children. IF the REASON for improved nutrition and more activity were to improve the health and well being of ALL children, then this would be fabulous. However, when the reason for the program is the war on childhood obesity, then every fat kid is taught to feel bad about their bodies and every thin kid is taught that it is OK to target fat kids ... because the adults do! When health programs target obese children, it gives the message to the thin kids that they are just fine, no matter how they eat or if they are active. Notah, please stop participating in the war on obese children and change your program to "HEALTHY LIFESTYLES FOR ALL CHILDREN". We need a focus on Health At Every Size for all children, not a war on fat bodies. Kelly Bliss, M.Ed, A.C.E. Psychotherapist and Plus Size Fitness Professional Professional Member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health Promoter of Health At Every Size®, a new peace movement.