Kyle Lohse

Kyle Lohse Wins 100th Game as Major League Pitcher


Thirty-two-year old Kyle Lohse, Nomlaki Wintun, reached a very impressive milestone on August 28 when he won his 100th game as a pitcher.  His St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-4.  Lohse, who is 12-8 this season, gave up only two earned runs in the victory, allowing six hits while striking out four and walking two.

He is only the 36th active pitcher to reach the 100-win mark.

Lohse also added an infield single in fourth, and scored a run on Allen Craig's sacrifice fly to give the Cardinals the lead.

One of only a handful of active American Indians in the big leagues, Lohse leads his ball club in wins this season.  "I've been around for a while and it's nice to get a nice round number like that," Lohse said to the Associated Press. "To share it with my teammates is pretty cool."

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