59th Annual Cherokee National Holiday

Cherishing the Cherokee National Holiday


We're very excited about the 59th Annual Cherokee National Holiday coming up this labor day weekend in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  So excited, in fact, we wanted to throw up some images from last year's National Holiday to get ready.

This event, which began in 1953 to commemorate the original signing of the 1839 Cherokee Constitution, is one of the most exciting weekends of celebration of year in Indian Country.  The Cherokee National Holiday has grown into one of the largest annual festivals in Oklahoma, drawing nearly 100,000 visitors from all over the globe.

"Our three-day celebration is jam-packed with sports activities for all ages, from traditional games such as Cherokee marbles, the cornstalk shoot and the blowgun competition to more familiar golf and softball tournaments," says Cherokee.org. "Hundreds of vendor booths offer visitors the opportunity to view and purchase authentic Native American-made products and foods. Music lovers can pick and choose from gospel and bluegrass music, a toe-tapping fiddler’s competition and even music from the internationally-known, award-winning Cherokee National Youth Choir."

Check back in with us tomorrow for more information, photos, and videos of this truly awesome weekend.

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