Native Americans in Distress


The struggles of reservation life can be seen in this video uploaded by JunalGerlach on September 1. The video tours the Pine Ridge Reservation as a message to help the tribe receive emergency funding for supplies in preparation of this winter.

Images of houses that appear abandoned, yet provide a shelter for some families, though they may be without running water or other amenities.

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Submitted by alantetpon on
i remember junal from my myspace years ago :) it really made me smile when she flashed "Jesus" was the answer, he is the only reason i was able to change my life, on the 8th i will have three years clean and sober, the best thing i ever did was rededicate my life to Jesus, yea God :)

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Submitted by junalgerlach on
Aww, thank you Indian Country Today...our peoples hopes are exploding that something will will be done regardless of all the obstacles....we have to love on our people in every sector, in every community! There is no stopping us as we grow to improve the conditions so we can learn, have a home to come to and most importantly our spiritual growth that works hand in hand with todays health care! When we embrace each other a flood...a tibal wave of hands come out from all directions to make all things possible...amen....I thank all of you for effort...without that we are the same! So keep on the keeping on and lets all work to help make it a better world for Natives in all our communities while we embrace this world and work in peace! Again Amen...