The approach to the new Sandy River Bridge. The approach was straightened, the bridge is sixteen feet wider, and there is a parking area off to lakeside.

Red Lake Reservation Turns Bridge into a Safe Route


After a bridge collapse two years ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota brought attention to bridge on the Sandy River, near the Red Lake Reservation in need of dire repair, it became a project that started with funding.

“After the bridge collapse in Minneapolis a couple years ago, it was discovered by Red Lake officials that this bridge was listed as unsafe as well,” said Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr., in a press release. “Of course we knew this for a long time, but lacked the resources to construct a new one.”

Commuters previously using the bridge could relate to its narrowness, not to mention a road that curved leading up to it and locals fishing from it, all made the bridge a dangerous pathway.

“The bridge was too narrow,” said Pat Brown, Red Lake DNR Fisheries Program Director. “Two semi’s would almost touch if they crossed at the same time.”

The bridge recently unveiled is a full eight feet wider on each side, the approaching roadway was straightened out and a parking area for fishermen was added. The improvements make it a safe route for pedestrians.

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Submitted by baloouriza on
I like the wide shoulders on the bridge, but why not the rest of the highway? I imagine people don't bicycle on it because they're worried about motorists passing unsafely or too closely.