Bill Bembenek, chief executive officer for Pala Casino Spa & Resort, plugs in the EVSE re-charging equipment into a 2011 Nissan Leaf this morning at Pala as Andy Hoskinson, area manager for ECOTality, Inc. for San Diego looks on. (Photo courtesy of the Pala Band)

Pala Casino Installs Electric Car Charging Equipment


The Pala Casino Spa & Resort recently became the first casino in San Diego County, California to offer Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to the owners of electric cars, according to the tribe's press release. The upgrade is part of  Planet Pala environmental program. The tribe established its environmental department in 1997, and has since expanded to include quality control programs for water, pesticides, air and recycling. Now the tribe is helping improve the environment by supporting electric vehicles. The casino unveiled two BLINK charging systems on September 8. ECOTality is the nationwide provider of the BLINK system network. Andrew Hoskinson, the area manager of ECOTality, Inc. for San Diego, drove his 2011 Nissan Leaf to the casino in Pala and demonstrated the system by re-charging the car’s batteries for the return trip to San Diego. “The availability of the BLINK equipment here at Pala is very significant,” Hoskinson said, "because there is now a charging station in an outlying, rural area in Southern California for the owners of electric automobiles. This greatly improves travel distances for electric vehicles.” Pala is now listed on the BLINK internet map that pinpoints EVSE locations in Southern California. “This is an important new service for our guests and the public. We are very happy to be the first casino in San Diego County offer it,” Bill Bembenek, Pala Casino's chief executive officer, said in a press release. The owners of electric vehicles receive a BLINK membership card when they purchase a vehicle. To activate the charging system, they swipe the card and select the amount of time to charge the batteries. Both the Nissan Leaf and General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt automobiles operate on an eight-hour and four-hour charge respectively. The re-charge fee at Pala is $4 per hour.

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$4 per hour? Really? That's equivalent to $9 per gallon for gas or a 230% profit margin on electricity @50 cents per KWh (!). I though casinos did everything they could to attract people with free stuff, cheap rooms, etc... in order to get them there and waste cash in their slot machine. They'll have to find some seriously gambling-addicted-tree-hugger-EV-drivers to buy into this. Anybody with an once of common sense will drive their ICE or just stay away from that place (probably the best option). Another attempt to get some press around being "green"...

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