Blood Tribe Members Set Up Anti-fracking Blockade


The women of the Blood Tribe who have set up a blockade against fracking operations that are about to begin on their traditional lands in Alberta, Canada, speak about their motivation.

“As a grandmother and a mother, and as a member of the Blood Tribe, I have a vested interest like everyone that shares Mother Earth with us to help protect what we have,” explains Cassie Brewer, holding up a sign decrying the practice. “The treaties pushed us here. We don’t have another land to go to.”

Fracking is a sore point all through Indian Country, from the Marcellus Shale deposits in western New York State and Pennsylvania, to New Brunswick, Canada.

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Laurie Lorette Allen
Submitted by Laurie Lorette Allen on
It saddens me to my core that mankind is destroying this planet and all her inhabitants. These mega corporations could care less about the people, animals and the environment it's poisoning. There are more sustainable and healthy options and yet they continue to dump money into operations like fracking? I am more proud of the small percent of Seneca that I am than of my white ancestors. Those who are in power will never get it because they are too blind and greedy to see the bigger picture.