John Wesley Nofire won in a first round knockout

Cherokee Boxer Wins Professional Debut


The Cherokee Phoneix reports that John Wesley Nofire won his professional boxing debut on August 26 against mixed martial artist Marc Webb.

The fight was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was scheduled for four rounds, but Nofire got a first round knockout to cap off his professional career.

“I first stepped in the ring, I was really excited,” Nofire told the Cherokee Phoenix “The noise going on from all the fans, cheering and stuff like that, being excited for me to be there. And then when the first bell rang, you know, I stepped in there and really concentrated on doing my thing.”

His thing was connecting on five jabs and then knocking Webb out with an uppercut to the chin.

Nofire trains in Miami, Fla. under the direction of former professional boxing champion John David Jackson. Nofire said he sought out Jackson and they’ve been a great fit from the beginning.

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