Charles Belisle in the Men's Traditional Contest

Lower Hudson Valley Native American Celebration


There are still shuttle bus seats available for the Lower Hudson Valley Native American Celebration on September 24-25 from the front of the Museum of the American Indian in Lower Manhattan. The celebration is taking place at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.  This celebration is the finals of the Northeast Pow Wow Championship Series.

The championship series is made up of the four events hosted by the Redhawk Arts Council each summer," said Cliff Matias, a member of the council and an organizer of the championship seris.  "There's our June Gateway to Nations in Brooklyn, then in our pow wow in Sussex,  New Jersey, the August Bear Mountain Pow Wow in Harriman, New York, and the Championship at FDR park in Westchester, New York. Over 50 dancers are competing in this years series."

The Lower Hudson Valley Native American Celebration is also honoring Sgt. Allen Two Crow, who's bodyo was discovered on the West Point Military Academy grounds in 2002.  This is the ninth year the Redhawk Counil has hosted a special in honor of Sgt. Two Crow, which this year is a men's Northern Traditional Special.

"The winners of the series are the dancers with the highest points score in all four events," Matias told us. "A dancer may not even win first place at any of the events but if they are consistently in the top three they may be able to win the series.  Championships are awarded in Men's and Women's Traditional and Fancy Grass and Jingle. The first place winners of the  FDR Pow Wow may not be the winners of the Series."

For information about the shuttle bus, or the pow wow, contact the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, at (718) 686-9297.

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