Lynn Dee Rapp, Dr. J Arrange Donation of Converse Shoes for Youth in Need

Lynn Dee Rapp, Dr. J Arrange Donation of Converse Shoes for Youth in Need


Dr. J and Lynn Dee Rapp arranged a donation from Converse for youth in need.

Retired basketball player Julius W. Irving II, the National Basketball Association’s legendary “Dr. J” who is the Converse spokesman, and his partner in the business development firm Soaring Eagle LLP, Lynn Dee Rapp (Oglala Sioux), a former Wellspring board member, helped 67 youth enrolled in Wellspring programs receive new Converse shoes during the month of August.

Wellspring is a non?profit organization based in Rapid City, South Dakota that provides therapeutic services for youth who cannot function in their family, school, or the open community due to mental, emotional and/or chemical dependency problems, as well, as for their families.

As a member of the Black Hills Area United Way member agency, Wellspring relies on generous donations from individuals, organizations and businesses to help meet the needs of area youth. To make a donation contact Danita Simons at 605?718?4870.

Rapp is a managing partner of SeaCrest Investment Management and president of the Eagle Opportunity, a Native/Minority-owned investment firm specializing in financial solutions for American Indian Tribes. She is also the founding member of the Eagle Opportunity, a financial service that supports the “Buy Native” program.

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