Pictured, from left, are Nancy Guzman, Roberta Pavatea, Dave Kinsey, Jr., all three were sworn into office as newly elected council members for the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

Yavapai-Apache Nation Swears in New Council Members


The Yavapai-Apache Nation sworn in its three newest tribal council members to three-year terms on October 7. The new members are Roberta Pavatea, Nancy Guzman and Dave Kinsey Jr.

Kinsey Jr. was sworn into his second term as Pavatea and Guzman replaced Cora-lei Marquez and Jon Huey.

“I think the Nation has two critical turning points that it’s going through now, one being the water rights settlement and the other is the economic downturn, and I think those two critical turning points are going to really tell the Nation if we can overcome this and I think we can with the new council on board, including myself, as long as we work together as one council diligently to help the Nation move forward,” state Kinsey, Jr. in his address to the crowd.

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