The Native American themed wedding of Chrissie Holmes and Fred Sharman.

A Non-Native Native Wedding?

England Non-Native Native American Wedding Couple

“It’s not dressing up for us, this is who we are,” recently married Chrissie Holmes told the Daily Mail. Rather than a white dress for her wedding day, she, her groom, and the entire wedding party donned what the Mail called “traditional tribal” garb.

While the Mail reports the couples’ Native names are Little Bear and Walksslow, the couple—who live in a village called Blackfield south of Hampshire, England—aren’t Native; they are “Native American history-obsessed.”

“It’s been a long-term hobby and interest for both of us, so it just felt right to wear this on our wedding day,” Fred Sharman, the groom, told the Mail.

Commenters on the Daily Mail site had a wide range of thoughts on the couple’s choice of wedding attire, from noting how “politically incorrect” and “totally offensive” it was to “Good for you!” and “What a lovely wedding.”

What do you think?

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baloouriza's picture
Submitted by baloouriza on
Whether or not it's authentic and it's execution shouldn't be an issue so much as the effort and thought. I think it's interesting that these two would attempt seek out the culture from this continent, whether or not they hit it accurately.

dbender's picture
Submitted by dbender on
I think its a beautiful thing and could only enrich our heritage as people sharing Turtle Island and respecting Mother Earth as in times past. This is a good sign of human natures path coming full circle. Our heritage is the true American heritage so this is only natural and how things should be. Its a shame that this isn't the norm. Congratulations on the wedding.

cindyvanlerberg's picture
Submitted by cindyvanlerberg on
Look, I'm only 1/64th Cherokee, but I'm damn proud of it. And these 100% caucasians using Native American garb and calling it authentic, it just burns my buns something awful! They should have the full Native American historical experience. Have someone come and take their home, make them leave it at gunpoint, and go live wherever. See how Fun it is to imitate a way of life, then!

nataliewarling's picture
Submitted by nataliewarling on
Obsessed with Native American history and they felt this was fine???

mimigeimausaddle's picture
Submitted by mimigeimausaddle on
I think it's nice that they are sharing our heritage with the world and what not, but I think they shouldn't have done so in this manner. I think if they were to do it, it should have been more authentic and not something that looks like a page out of a Holloween costume magazine. I understand they love native culture, I am in love with asian culture, but I'm not going to have an Asain wedding with kimonos and the whole nine yards, I find this disrespectful.

sixnationsgirl's picture
Submitted by sixnationsgirl on
These people are a joke, and stupid too. There's no way to make this "interesting." They are fools.

mimigeimausaddle's picture
Submitted by mimigeimausaddle on
...I guess so. I just find it disrespectful for my tastes.

tinamsykes's picture
Submitted by tinamsykes on
I am flattered that they love our culture and history! Isn't this the very thing we have hoped for prayed for! We are a peace loving, gentle people, we lead by our examples, not our hatred. We should have love in our hearts for all things living the Creator has blessed us with. Their intent was to honor us! Congratulation on your wedding, I pray the Creator blesses your union.

eriksj76's picture
Submitted by eriksj76 on
I think we as Indian people have tried to hold on to our heritage and traditions so tightly, that we forget that other cultures are wowed and intrigued by ours. I don't understand when Indian people get upset over something like this. It should make you proud that someone has enough admiration and respect that they would want to do this. It doesn't take anything away from who we are as a people. It shows that 500 years later, we are still marveled at as a culture and people. Are their outfits traditionally correct? No.. does it matter? No.. they aren't US, so let them enjoy the enjoyment of living out something they have enjoyed for many years... learning about US.

eriksj76's picture
Submitted by eriksj76 on
I guess that's the 63/64th's NON indian talking. Totally ignorant. We are better than that as real indian people.

veloce's picture
Submitted by veloce on
Don't knock us Brits okay, we've been driven out of our caves by Vikings, Romans, Moors and Spanish; mix in a few French etc! Do we complain Nah!! If we want to embrace other cultures let us, it’s because we haven't got one of our own!