California Tribes Launch Online Poker Rooms

California Tribes Launch Online Poker Rooms


The California Online Poker Association, a coalition of card rooms in the sunshine state led by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, recently launched CalShark.Com, an online free-play poker room to promote legalizing Internet gaming.

Similarly, the Barona Band of Mission Indians started its own Barona Online Poker, reported The Sacramento Bee.

The trend is catching on among tribes, according to a lobbyist for the California Tribal Business Alliance, which opposes the current gambling legislation in the state. "It's branding, creating customer loyalty, getting a database," lobbyist David Quintana told The Sacramento Bee. "Then when something happens to make it legal they can flip the switch from a free site to a paid site."

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I think this is a clever way to promote legalizing internet gaming. Hopefully free versions will still be available as it’s important to practice before wagering real money and is a sign of a fair and honest casino.