Lakota Berenstain Bears 'Visit the Dentist'


Every week ICTMN is posting a different episode of the Lakota language version of Berenstain Bears, or Mat?ó Waú?šila Thiwáhe—The Compassionate Bear Family. While it is a children's cartoon, the goal of recreating this well-known show in Lakota is to help revitalize the language, so adults can brush up on their Lakota, or learn the language with their children.

In this episode, when Sister gets her first loose tooth, Brother teases her that the dentist will have to yank it out. But after she watches Brother get a cavity filled, she sees the dentist is gentle and he assures her that her loose tooth is a baby tooth, and those fall out on their own.

Click here if you missed the "Trouble at School" episode.

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