Brett Bucktooth at the 2011 National Lacrosse League All-Star Game

Iroquois Nationals Defeat Team USA to Win Bowhunter Cup


The second annual Bowhunter Cup belongs to the Iroquois Nationals after a thrilling 14-13 victory over Team USA.  The win evens the matchup between these two powerhouse teams, with Team USA capturing the first Bowhunter Cup in 2010, 13-11.

The Nationals came back from being down 12-11 in the final quarter with two consecutive goals from star Brett Bucktooth, Oneida Indian Nation, to give the Nationals a 13-12 lead.   The Nationals' Gewas Schindler added another goal, making it 14-12.

This goal proved crucial as Team USA's Grant Catalino scored with 27.2 seconds left.  The Americans then swarmed the Nationals net, firing shots in hopes of tying the game before the clock ran out.  The Nationals goalie Jeff Powless proved impenetrable in the closing seconds, make monster saves to secure the win.

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