ESPN Announcer Apologizes for 'Trail of Tears' Comment


On Saturday night, following the Oklahoma Sooners' surprise loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, ESPN News anchor Todd Grisham remarked that "it's a trail of tears in Oklahoma—the Sooners go down in flames."

On his Twitter page, Grisham wrote, "Sincerely didn't mean any harm with that comment after OU loss.I saw a shot of fans crying, historical reference didn't even cross my mind," then added, "My Great Grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee. I am very proud of my Native-American roots."

Reacting to the apology, the site posted an article titled "ESPN’s PC Addiction Strikes Again," which mused "Obviously, [the Trail of Tears is] not the nation’s happiest moment … but neither is the Civil War, and how many times do we hear that term applied to sporting match-ups?"

Commenters didn't necessarily agree.

"The Civil War and the Trail of Tears of not comparable events. One involved men voluntarily killing each other, the other was an armed occupation and forced relocation based on racism," wrote one. Another said, "Imagine if he compared an Atlanta Hawks loss to a mass lynching… Could you imagine the uproar? The dude should be fired."


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Submitted by rednurse7 on
I think his apology should be accepted and his words forgiven. I believe we worry to much about words these days and not enough about actions that incur actual physical harm to our society. "The Trail of Tears" will always be a tragic event in the history of our people and the suffering can never be forgotten. To forgive minor accidental slips of the tongue is within our power and gives us more power as a people, and is part of what makes the Cherokee Nation great. Jeffrey D. Sac Cherokee

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