Author Emily Washines provided this image. "My mother and Yakama Tribal Councilmember, Stella Washines, is working on this beadwork depicting a tribal fisherman on a scaffold pulling up salmon from a traditional pole," she explains. "You notice that it is not finished—much like the White Salmon River, it is a work in progress."

What Demolishing the Condit Dam Means, and How It Looked


On Wednesday, the Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington state was breached. As Emily Washines of the Yakama Nation Fisheries Program explained in her editorial on the subject, "The Condit Dam Removal and Moving Forward in the White Salmon River," the Condit was second-largest dam to be removed for fish passage in the United States. Here's a video about the dam's history and meaning provided to ICTMN by Washines:

Here's footage of the dam being breached:

And two time-lapse videos of Northwestern Lake draining, posted by the University of Montana Geomorphology Lab:

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