The 2011 group of Native American congressional interns is seen here at the U.S. Capitol Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C. on June 5, 2011.

Native American Congressional Internship Program


If you're a Native American or Alaska Native student who wants to help solve problems in Indian country while learning about policy issues that affect Native communities, the Udall Foundation's Native American Congressional Internship program could be for you.

Interns spend 10 weeks in Washington, D.C. working in congressional and agency offices where they can research legislative issues important to tribal communities, and network with public officials.

The Udall Foundation provides interns with housing, travel to and from D.C., a per diem for daily expenses, and an educational stipend at the end of the program. Current graduate students, law students and undergraduate juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Recent graduates of a four-year college are also eligible.

For more information and to apply visit the Udall Foundation website.

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