Elmhurst College President S. Alan Ray will present the second annual Dr. Carlos Montezuma Honorary Lecture November 5.

Racial Issues and Native Politics Topic of Lecture


S. Alan Ray, president of Elmhurst College, in Elmhurst, Illinois will discuss race, tribal independence and citizenship issues when he delivers the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian’s second annual Dr. Carlos Montezuma Honorary Lecture.

The Cherokee Nation citizen will discuss the conflict between his Oklahoma-based tribe and some 2,800 freedmen, descendants of Cherokee-held slaves, who are fighting for tribal citizenship granted to their ancestors in a post-Civil War treaty.

Ray points out that this issue raises the broader question of, “What makes someone an Indian?” According to a release, Ray holds a doctorate and two master’s degrees from Harvard University and a law degree from the University of California.

“I’m very interested in how race intersects with tribal sovereignty and nationhood,” Ray told the Mitchell Museum. “Should tribes limit their citizenship to people of a particular race, in this case, to persons with Indian blood?”

The lecture will be held November 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Northwestern University’s McCormick Tribune Center, 1870 Campus Drive, in Evanston, Illinois. Tickets are $12 for the general public, $10 for students, museum members and tribal members.

For more information call 847-475-1010 or visit the Mitchell Museum website.

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Submitted by beaver on
As he said himself, Alan Ray's mother found out he was Indian just before his college career to help him out in admissions. Now he's giving a lecture on “What makes someone an Indian?”

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Submitted by n8tivegirl21 on
For real a typical white decscendants this is why it is important for us native americans left with full blood line and those who are still within the blood degree of one quarter and that is not much. our native warriors fought for our freedom and land today only for us to be put on INdian reservation to survive and turn against each other beacuse of living in proverty while this kinda of people above trot around askin who says who is indian come on look in the mirror cause you have no blood left as full blood line of native american that i am today and my kids CHEROKEE NATION TRIBE should have been terminated when the trail of tears was in progress all our indians were killed now you white people feel you have rights to what? to be an Indian I will tell you now you are no indian and shall never recieve respect to claim a nation of cherokees that were killed long ago descedants are not recognized to any of us traditional natives.