What Do the Kardashians Have Against Indians?


What's with the Kardashians and Native Americans? Today, momager Kris Jenner used the term "Indian giver" on Good Morning America referring to daughter Kim Kardashian keeping the $2 million engagement ring, and last week for Halloween, Kourtney Kardashian dressed as Pocahontas during a taping of Dancing With the Stars. UsMagazine.com reported that she "donned knee-high fringed boots" to complete her costume.

This just drives home the point made by the National Congress of American Indians in response to Jenner's comment, November is Native American Heritage Month, and the contributions of this country's First Americans should be celebrated.

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charbie77's picture
Submitted by charbie77 on
You look cute, but don't disrespect us Native Americans.

magbarb's picture
Submitted by magbarb on
Ignorance is never an excuse for stupidity! Off with their scalps! How's that for some stereotypical phrasing? Apologize publicly and make it right Kardashians.

kooneko's picture
Submitted by kooneko on
The family's ignorance is sadly indicative of that of many, many Americans. Kim Kardashian was also on Lopez Tonight playing his DNA game which "revealed" that she was" 6% Native American." She responded with "Nice, a little Pocahontas...I like that."

thechief's picture
Submitted by thechief on
The funny thing is that Kardashian girl looks more indian aka native american than alot of the "cherokees" I see at powwow. Who knows, if freedmen can be cherokee who says a kardashian couldn't be a citizen.

zelbe1's picture
Submitted by zelbe1 on
Who cares what these people say and think? They are no cultural icons or role models. They are just media vampires sucking the blood out of everyones brains for attention and ratings. This woman has had her "Pocahontas'd" so many times, its a wonder she can walk. America seems obsessed and fascinated with the most mundane and ridiculous people. When former VP Cheney sneezes or burps, the networks go into a frenzy, yet when he was in office, you never heard anything from him but the heavy breathing of Darth Vader? These people do not matter!

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
The Kardasian's 15 minutes was up long ago. Their actions are the result of ignorance and idiocy. Why feed their addiction to attention by throwing gasoline on this fire?