Native Veterans Living an Impossible Dream


American Indians have enlisted in the military at a rate greater than any other ethnicity on a per capita basis throughout the years. Native warriors have served ever since George Washington asked for their help to fight the British through to the wars currently being fought overseas in Afghanistan.

For many of these brave warriors upon returning from serving their tribes and the United States their opportunities are limited. Reservations around the country make up the majority of the impoverished areas within the U.S.

This video posted in 2007 by solutionsplus is a dedication to these Native warriors looking to live the “Impossible Dream” in hopes of overcoming these harsh conditions.

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Submitted by lanadawarjack on
It's true Native Americans constitute the highest majority percentage wise than any other racial group in America to protect our country. In this respect, we must always remember our ancestors too, who fought and died for our country in order that we can live today.

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Submitted by catherinejohnson on
God Bless All Native Americans!