The Tiny Tot in the middle of the image is very focused...on a video game.

Video Spotlight: In The Middle of a Dance, Tiny Tot Plays Video Game


The Tunica-Biloxi pow wow at the Chief Joseph "Alicde" Pierite Pow Wow Grounds on othe Tunica-Biloxi reservation in Marksville, Louisiana was going swimmingly. A performance by Memphis-based Native blues and indie singer/guitarist Butch Mudbone was a hit, and dancers and drummers alike were competing their hearts out for cash prizes, while everyone was having a blast.

Including this Tiny Tot, only, his focus was elsewhere.  As you can clearly see, the Tiny Tot in question is very committed to his hand-held video game while the rest of his Tiny Tot friends dance around him.  One could make some sort of case about how technology, video games specifically, are ruining the attention spans of our youth, but...this is undeniably cute.

As the pow wow season winds down, we'll be putting up our favorite pow wow videos from this past year from all over the country.  As every pow wow season winds down, it offers up a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.  These awesome videos make it easy to feel like the future is a bright one indeed (even if it includes our kids with their noses pressed against their Nintendo DS's!)

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