What Do Native Americans do on Thanksgiving?


Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota Sioux, answers the question "What does an Indian do on Thanksgiving?" He says his family gets together but it's "more of a reflection...We reflect on the fact that we're one percent of the population in our own country."

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debbiep-g's picture
Submitted by debbiep-g on
Simon Moya-Smith, Thank you. I am about 1/2 Cherokee-Choctaw, Great answer, thruthful answer. Most of the Native history is still so biased in the telling. There is more media out these days to help educat,e by Natives. I live in Oklahoma and this is where my Fathers people are from. I do like to Gooble till I Wobble on those holidays!

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Submitted by b.j.magante on
B.J. Magante representing the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians straight of of Southern California here. I just wanted to say that I 100% agree with you brother.

whitefeather's picture
Submitted by whitefeather on
Iam Irish cherokee Native American Indian & understand what you are saying.... Though I remember in school we learned(years ago) that Thanksgiving was about both parties getting together & giving thanks for what they all had that God had blessed them all with pleanty of food & that they all were still alive that God had His hand on them... because it was some very harsh winters that they went through & because of it a lot of people died did not make it. It was a time Thanksgiving was a time to thank God for all they had & bring them through the harsh winter alive a time of giving thanks... so that is how my family & I do.

Kalen's picture
Submitted by Kalen on
My family does not celebrate thanksgiving because there was too much blood shed after the so called feast that only caused suffering and pain for my people.Actually we do not celebrate any pagan holiday.

Joy Lazzara
Joy Lazzara
Submitted by Joy Lazzara on
A'ho, little brother! Thank you for the eloquent way you put this. I've been asked this question before, and haven't been able to put my words together to explain things correctly. Instead, I've said "Why do you celebrate the destruction of a civilization every year?" People don't seem to know how to respond to that.

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