Lowery Begay, Dine, is a crowd favorite at the Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest held each February.

Video Spotlight: Navajo Lowery Begay is a Hoop Dancing Delight


Lowery Begay, Navajo, sure knows how to Hoop Dance . This world class hoop dancer put on an incredible performance at the 16th Annual Spirit of the Harvest Pow Wow at Michigan Tech, in Houghton, Michigan. The pow wow was hosted by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the Native American Student Association, with Michigan's Keweenaw Bay Indian Community taking part. Lowery is part of an incredible community of talented pow wow dancers in Indian Country.

As the pow wow season winds down, we'll be putting up our favorite pow wow videos from this past year from all over the country.  As every pow wow season winds down, it offers up a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.  These awesome videos make it easy to feel like the future is a bright one indeed

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