James Arthur Ray attends his bond hearing in Camp Verde, Arizona on February 23, 2010. (AP Photo/Jack Kurtz, Pool)

James Arthur Ray to Receive Sentencing Today


James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru, who lead an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony two years ago that resulted in three deaths will be sentenced today.

Ray who was convicted June 22, of negligent homicide in the deaths could face a maximum of nine years in prison according to a report by CNN affiliate KTVK.

The sweat lodge ceremony that Ray was running on October 8, 2009 at the Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat, was charging participants close to $10,000 to attend what Ray was promoting as a “Spiritual Warrior” retreat. In the end, 18 people were hospitalized for burns, respiratory arrest, kidney failure, loss of consciousness and dehydration.

CNN previously quoted Indian Country Today Media Network’s West Coast Editor Valerie Taliman in its story “Sweat Lodge Trial Fuels Native American Frustrations” and referenced her award-winning column on the “bastardized version of a sacred ceremony,” as Taliman calls it.

ICTMN will have the conviction once it is announced.

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