Limited Edition Pendleton Vans, proceeds support the Native non profit Nibwaakaawin

Limited Edition Pendelton Vans to be Released at 58th Annual Chicago Powwow


As the 58th Annual Chicago Powwow kicks off on November 19 at the American Indian Center of Chicago, one of the many colorful sights that will be seen is the release of Limited Edition Pendleton Vans, with all the proceeds from the sales of the shoes going towards Nibwaakaawin, a Native non-profit organization that is "dedicated to the education and empowerment of Native youth," as their website states.  These special Vans fit beautifully into one of Nibwaakaawin's programs, the All Nations Skate Project, a skateboard-centered outreach program that aims to provide healthy and safe recreational activities and lifestyle choices to Native youth.  Vans are a favorite amongst skateboarders the world over.

The Chicago Powwow is one of the Midwest's largest, and doubles as an AARP food drive as visitors are encouraged to bring what they can for families in need.  Doors open at the American Indian Center of Chicago, which is located on 1630 W. Wilson Avenue, at 11am on November 19 and 10am on November 20.  If you're in the Chicago area, we highly recommend you check this event out, and if you're a skateboarder, know one, or just like colorful, cool shoes, maybe pick yourself up a pair of the Limited Edition Pendleton Vans.

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