Harold Bloom Questions Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Harold Bloom Questions Mitt Romney and Mormonism


A recent article in the Salt Lake City, Utah’s Deseret News, draws attention to Yale professor Harold Bloom’s thoughts about presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the beliefs of Mormonism.

Bloom has been quoted many times by Mormons, but as the Deseret News shares, his latest opinion piece in the New York Times on Saturday titled “Will This Election Be the Mormon Breakthrough?” may not draw many quotes.

His opinion piece focuses on the upcoming presidential election and the impact The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could have on its two candidates Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr.

In his column piece Bloom says, “However, should Mr. Romney be elected president, [Joseph] Smith’s dream of a Mormon Kingdom of God in America would not be fulfilled, since the 21st-century Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has little resemblance to its 19th-century precursor. The current head of the Mormon Church, Thomas S. Monson, known to his followers as ‘prophet, seer and revelator,’ is indistinguishable from the secular plutocratic oligarchs who exercise power in our supposed democracy.”

Bloom addresses the difference in beliefs between certain Mormons and also how difficult it could be for a Mormon to connect with the 98 percent of the population that is not Mormon if to become President.

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beaver's picture
Submitted by beaver on
Prof. Bloom has predicted that the Mormonism will overtake mainstream Protestant divisions in popularity in the next few decades. Not surprising at all. The Mormon Church takes in several billion dollars every single year as income with tithing but spends less than 1% on charity. The rest of the money is siphoned off into private pockets - and I suspect to war efforts, otherwise America would have cracked down on this fake religion a long time ago. Currently, even the media has a hands-off approach to the LDS church, despite the latter strongly opposing homosexuality. The Mormon enterprise is a Fortune-500 company that is not required to disclose its financial statements. It makes Mormons faithfully pay 10% tithing without which they cannot enter their temples. That's 10% additional taxation. Mormons become meek and obedient consumers - which is what the capitalists want all Americans to turn into. A Mormon will kill his own family members if asked by their church leaders to do so, so he will readily lay his life down in America's wars, if asked to do so. That is what America wants from its citizenry: unquestioning obedience to authority.

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Submitted by rezzy on
Through the eyes of a Mormon Native; I have to disagree with Bloom and the comment posted by Beaver. Maybe this country needs a Mormon breakthrough; we've given opportunities to presidents of Catholic, Protestant and purported Muslim faith and look where were at . . . on the brink of another Depression. This is the Article of Faith the LDS/Mormon Church stands by: We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous and in doing good to all men; We believe all things, we hope all things, and if there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things. The 10% tithe goes to those that are less fortunate and used for when devastation happens in any part of the world. There are many LDS members that would be happy to tell you where the tithing money goes. We believe Families are Forever! This church has helped my family and other families on the reservation. This church has had a profound affect on me for the better and million others. I'm going for my bachelor degree and plan to go back and help my people get out of the third world country mode and help them aspire to greater heights with endless possibilities . . . perhaps a Native American President that can govern like Chief Joseph, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Manuelito, Chief Sitting Bull. This is Mormonism! be correctly inform at lds.org