Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander Wins American League MVP, Besting Jacoby Ellsbury And His Magical Season


The Boston Red Sox's Jacoby Ellsbury, the first major league baseball player of Navajo descent, and a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, did everything he possibly could to win the American League MVP award this year, everything but pitch, that is.  And so the MVP award goes to a pitcher, the outstanding and deserving Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.

Our hats are off to Verlander, who had a great season, who compiled a 24-5 record with a 2.40 ERA and 250 strikeouts.  He became the first pitcher to win the MVP award since Oakland's Dennis Eckerlsley won it in 1992.  Verlander bested Ellsbury with 280 total points to Ellsbury's 242.

With that said, we have to feel for Ellsbury, who's season was so stunning in every way it seems like an impossible task that he could possibly top it (although nothing is impossible to this guy, it seems), who did win the American League gold glove award by going a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage, on 349 chances.

On top of his perfect fielding, Ellsbury swatted 32 homers, knocked in 105 runs and swiped 39 bases in 2011, an astonishing season at the plate. He was looking like a potential lock to become the first American Indian to win the MVP.

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honorindians's picture
Submitted by honorindians on
The cowboy always wins.

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Submitted by desertrebel on
I just want to congradulate Jacoby for well played season, He made a terrific comeback after being injured last season, I felt this was his bet season so far and many years to come. keep up the goodwork hold your head up high, just being considered for the MVP was a great honor. I will continue to follow your career in baseball through out the years..

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Submitted by ellenlouise on
It is very disappointing. But nothing can take this year's accomplishments away from Jacoby Ellsbury. He may well go down in baseball history as having had the most spectacular season by a leadoff hitter, ever. And his stats are all the more amazing given the (unfair) criticism he endured the season before. Those of use who live in New England were stunned by the intensely negative coverage he received in both the print and broadcast media. Many of the media attacks were personal and mean-spirited. Ellsbury worked unbelievably hard to recover from significant injuries, and dealt with the negative publicity in his quiet, dignified way. A true warrior.