Darius Coombs, associate director of the Wampanoag Indigenous Program at Plimoth Plantation, explains Native American house building techniques to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Massachusetts Governor Tours Plimoth Plantation


Over the weekend, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick toured the Wampanoag Homesite at Plimoth Plantation for the first time since his childhood. According to a story at Wickedlocal.com, he listened to Native American music and got a lesson in building homes, or wetus, from tree bark.

Patrick said the plantation provides a lesson for all. “It’s a part of our shared American heritage that Thanksgiving has its origins in a sense of community, in the way that people saw their stake in their neighbors’ dreams and struggles,” Patrick said. “And, frankly, it’s a very timely message because more and more I think we need to be looking to how we rebuild that sense of community so we can address the big challenges ahead of us in our time.”

Read the full story here.

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