Texas Novelty Plates to Honor Buffalo Soldiers Raises Concerns

Texas Novelty Plates to Honor Buffalo Soldiers Raises Concerns


The Buffalo Soldiers from the 1800s are remembered as part of the U.S. Cavalry and a part of United States history, but some American Indians have a different outlook on them and it is coming to the forefront through novelty license plates in Texas.

A specialty license plate to recognize these soldiers was recently approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles Board. The Buffalo Soldiers helped push western expansion as the all-black cavalry helped fight in the Indian Wars from 1867-1888 according to an article in the Houston Chronicle.

And the president of the American Indian Genocide Museum in Houston, Steve Melendez, Paiute Nation of Pyramid Lake is expressing his concerns about the plates relating it to a recent attempt to have Confederate flag plates that was unanimously rejected.

“I feel the same way about the Buffalo Soldiers. When we see the U.S. Cavalry uniform, we are forced to relive an American holocaust,” Melendez said, in the article.

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