Colin Calloway

Non-Native Wins Prestigious Native American History Award


Dartmouth College professor Colin Calloway was honored in September with the 2011 American Indian History Lifetime Achievement Award, which is presented to an individual for “helping Native American students and advancing the study of American Indian history.”

He received the award during the Western History Association Conference held in Oakland, California.

“This was a big deal for me,” said Calloway, professor of Native American studies and the John Kimball, Jr. 1943 Professor of History, in Dartmouth Now. “It’s recognition by my peers, other scholars of Indian history. It’s also a bit of a surprise, as I’m not Native American and, unlike previous winners of the award, I don’t have graduate students.”

Calloway has written more than 10 books on Native American history, including his most recent work, The Indian History of an American Institution about how Dartmouth College began as an Indian school.

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Submitted by apachealtaha on
My professor at Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado uses Calloway's text for our Native American Indian Studies course and I love it. "First Peoples" provided the opportunity to examine history outside of the oppressor's view. I am White Mountain Apache, researching Native American historical trauma and this text has helped me learn but also be excited because it's from my ancestors' perspectives. Congrats Calloway! I do invite and expect Native American scholars to also contribute to the younger generation's knowledge by producing textbooks we can use in our children's classrooms.

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Submitted by honorindians on
What? Did we run out of Indian historians to honor?