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What are your weekend plans?

Here at Indian Country Today Media Network, we like a little pow wow action in our weekends.  We’ve put together a little list of some pow wows that are taking place this weekend all around the country.  So if you’ve got some time on your hands for tasty food, lively music, vibrant dances and stunning art, these are the events for you.

The 14th Annual Leesburg Powwow

Where & When: December 2-4 at 1569 S. 14th Street, Leesburg, Florida.  American Indian dancers, great Native food, crafts, flute playing, demonstrations, and story telling by Kashka LaRue Gates, a Native elder from Alaska, all make this a great event.  The Head Man will be Herb Buffalo Dancer, the Head Lady will be Deborah Robinson.

Contact: Tom Lipps, (352) 568-5092, tomlipps@ymail.com

The 7th Annual Native American Indian Powwow at the University of Maryland

When & Where: December 3rd at the Sameul Riggs IV Alumni Center, College Park, Maryland.  The University of Maryland has made their annual pow wow one of the ‘most successful social action programs,’ according to their office of multi-ethnic student education.  Tribal members come from all over the region to take part in the singing, dancing, drumming, and great food.  The grand entry begins at 11 a.m.

Contact: Dottie Chicquelo, chicodh@umd.edu, 301-405-5618.

2011 Blanket Drive and Itty Bitty Pow Wow

When & Where: December 3rd at the Simi Valley Library on Tapo Canyon Road, in Simi Valley, California.  This wonderful pow wow benefits the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and Walking Shield, a southern California based assistance organization.  It’s a potluck, so the public is encouraged to bring food, as well as “new, unwrapped, lightweight, washable blankets and soft (stuffed) toys to go to the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation via Alex White Plume,” they suggest in a statement.  They’re also looking for new hard, boxed toys and school supplies which will go to Walking Shield.  Monetary donations are also accepted at the toy drive, via mail and through Paypal, with the email address: redbirds_vision@hotmail.com

Contact: Corina Roberts, (805) 217-0364/redbirds_vision@hotmail.com

Dighton Intertribal Council’s Potluck and Dancing Social

When & Where: December 3rd at the Dighton Council Hall at 1111 Somerset Ave (route 138) in Dighton, Massachusetts.

Contact: (508) 880-6887

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Bonjour, Je suis canadienne française, mes ancetres sont d'origine Bretonne et j'apprécierais connaitre davantage votre culture pour mieux comprendre ma culture et pourquoi sommes nous devenues ce que nous sommes présentement. Félicitations pour votre culture! Votre mission est de "Servir vos Nations et Célébrer votre Peuple" Une Nation fantastic et merveilleuse! (1) En qu'elle année etes-vous et/ou quel calendrier suivez-vous? Ici, nous sommes en 2011 et suivons le calendrier du Christ/Jésus. (2) Comment fetez-vous Noel dans votre culture? Nous c'est la naissance de Jésus depuis 2011. Paix, Joie et Santé! Carmelle Gareau