District Court Judge Leroy S. Bedonie will retire December 31.

Leroy S. Bedonie, Navajo District Court Judge to Retire


After serving 22 years in the Navajo Nation court systems, from a probationary judge to a District Court Judge, Leroy S. Bedonie has decided to retire effective December 31.

The Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation made the announcement on December 19, as Bedonie says he is retiring now because he feels he accomplished what he wanted during his term.

Bedonie, became a District Court Judge on October 12, 1992 following a two-year probationary term and a letter of permanent appointment by President Peterson Zah.

He said he will miss the relationship between the judge and the staff the most.

“I always had a good relationship with my staff,” he said.

And feeling fortunate to be a part of the Navajo Nation Court System, he said, “The constant improvement of the court, that’s what I was involved in and that’s the most joy I got out of it.”

For almost eight years he has served as the District Court Judge at the Chinle Judicial District, he has also served at the Window Rock, Tuba City and Kayenta Judicial Districts. He has worked for the Nation for 36 years, before becoming a judge, he was a police officer and the director of the Navajo Division of Public Safety. He also worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Chinle Unified School District.

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