Santa heads off on his annual mission, his starting point Inuit territory.

Santa Ready for Takeoff From Inuit Territory


Santa Claus has started his iconic journey around the world, beginning, of course in Inuit territory, as the Circumpolar Region encompasses his residence at the North Pole.

The U.S. and Canada joint security force known as NORAD tracks the jolly old elf annually as he takes off at midnight on Christmas Eve. Indian Country Today's reporting team stayed up late to catch Santa Claus and his reindeer as they became airborne.

Here's a bit more explanation about NORAD and how it goes about tracking Santa on the Canadian end. This year, there's even an app for that: Download this app to keep track of Santa's travels on your iphone as images from Santa cams set up all around the world on December 24th are transmitted back.

Here's his trajectory from 2010.

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