Austin Police Video Raises Questions


In light of President Barack Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act, justifiable fear of the power of the government, trampling of the bill of rights and militarization of the country since the attacks of 9/11 has risen among many people inside the United States (though not enough, apparently, to roll back the erosion of civil rights). However, as the Occupy Wall Street protests have shown, the rise of information technology—i.e., cellphones—have arguably provided average people with a powerful defense against abuses of authority. Now comes a video that is attracting attention for what appear to be questionable police tactics. On one hand, we have Antonio Buehler, an Iraq War veteran and Army Ranger, who came to the aid of a female he felt was being abused by two police officers; on the other, the Austin Police, who have said Buehler spit in the officers face and point to what happened before the cellphone video.

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