Hopi Tribal Council Approves 2012 Operating Budget

Hopi Tribal Council Approves 2012 Operating Budget


The process took more than three months, as the Hopi Tribe’s Budget Oversight Team (BOT) began reviewing budget proposals to be included in the 2012 Operating Budget. After it was all said and done, the tribe has a budget that passed.

The BOT took into consideration submissions by villages, departments/programs, the legislative, executive and judicial branches and met with program directors before creating a final proposal that was approved by the Tribal Council.

The approval came on December 29, as Resolution H-010-2012 was approved adopting the FY 2012 General Fund Budget in the amount of $19,777,218 and the FY 2012 Expenditure Authorization and Appropriations Language.

Chairman LeRoy N. Shingoitewa presided over the vote which was unanimous at 13-0-0.

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