Terry Knight, a spiritual leader of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, offering an invocation that opened the 68th session of the Colorado General Assembly January 11.

Terry Knight, Native Leader Offers Invocation at Colorado General Assembly

Carol Berry

The 68th session of the Colorado General Assembly began January 11 with an invocation by Terry Knight, a spiritual leader of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, headquartered in the southwestern part of the state.

After the opening ceremony, the Ute delegation, which also included representation from the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, met with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who said he hopes the state “can become a national model of how states can collaborate with the sovereign tribal nations.”

Tribes’ needs “are very similar to our needs,” Hickenlooper said, citing requirements in health, education, and preparation for jobs so that people can “work and have a life.” He said he will visit Ignacio and Towaoc, Colorado, the respective homes of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

Legislators may consider a number of Indian issues this year, including a bill being drafted by Sen. Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora), a member of the Comanche Nation.

The proposed legislation would allow indigenous languages to satisfy foreign language requirements in Colorado schools and exempt some teachers from credentialing requirements so that they could provide Native language and cultural instruction, said Ernest House Jr., executive secretary of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs.

Other measures that may be considered by the legislature’s Native Caucus include assuring that Indian history is included in the story of Colorado’s settlement.

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Why do Indigenous pray to the white mans god when the white mans god is used as an excuse to steal the Indigenous peoples natural resources and minerals as well as their lands for colonization and exploitation by the whites? What makes the Indigenous pray to the white mans god instead of their own? Look up Genesis 1:23 and look at the US Supreme Court's ruling legalizing the forcible removal of the Cherokees and Creeks from their lands during the Cherokees "Trail of Tears". As you will notice the US Supreme Court Justices profitted off the exploitation of the Indigenous peoples lands after their forced removal. The next time the Natives have the urge to pray to the white mans god for salvation, remember that there are other Indigenous people who look at you incredulously for praying to the same god who is used as an excuse to get rid of you off lands that the whites want to exploit. Leaving the Indigenous with no land base and begging for monies to offset the money they could have gotten for the resources instead of having them stolen. Our leaders refuse to think outside the box. They are conditioned to think inside of the box to keep begging for things that rightfully belong to them, only they're used to begging for it.