Notah Begay will join President Clinton at the Clinton Foundation's inaugural Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation conference.

Notah Begay III to Join Clinton Foundation at Wellness Conference


Notah Begay III will join President Clinton at the Clinton Foundation's Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation conference on January 17 at the Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, California. The event—expected to attract more than 200 stakeholders in health care, public policy, business, education, individual wellness and sports—immediately proceeds The Humana Challenge PGA TOUR golf tournament.

The Humana Challenge, known as the Bob Hope Classic from 1965 until this year, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, features the theme lifelong wellness. It aims to challenge players, spectators and the general public to improve their health by making positive changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle. Activities to promote health and wellness will take place throughout the tournament week, January 16-22, such as attendees will learn about fitness through biometric measurements, participate in interactive games, use a pedometer in the Humana Walkit Challenge, and enjoy an array of healthy food options at concession stands. The Louisville, Kentucky-based Humana Inc. is a leading health care insurance company.

“I am pleased that my Foundation, which works to prevent childhood obesity in the United States and strengthen health systems across the globe, has partnered with Humana and the PGA TOUR to promote wellness and carry on the legacy of Bob Hope and his tournament,” said President Clinton. “The Humana Challenge is a reminder that everyone can and must play a role in building a healthier future for all.”

At the Clinton Foundation's Health Matters conference, celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels will kick off a morning workout. Attendees will hear from panelists about raising the bar for healthy schools, initiating a dialogue about health and wellness among business leaders, and why healthy food and lunches matter, among numerous other topics.

As a featured speaker, Begay will discuss building healthy communities with other health and wellness movers and shakers, such as moderator Karolee Sowle, chief executive officer of the Desert Regional Medical Center; founder Susan Dell of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation; mom Lakeysha Sowunmi; Annika Sorenstam, founder of the Annika Foundation; and Goldie Hawn with The Hawn Foundation.

Begay, half Navajo and a quarter San Felipe and Isleta, is the only Native American on the PGA TOUR. In 2005, the four-time PGA TOUR tournament winner launched The Notah Begay III Foundation, which works to battle obesity and diabetes among Native American youth.

The Health Matters conference will be webcast live at Viewers can follow the discussion and submit questions @ClintonTweet by using the hashtag #HealthMatters and follow conference highlights on President Clinton's Facebook page.

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