David Bender argues the carbohydrate-heavy diet is a Western European construction that has lead people to become obese and develop diabetes and other serious disesases.

'Let Them Eat Cake!'—A Paleo Dieter Argues Bread-Heavy Comfort Food Is a European Construction

David Bender

“Let them eat cake!" is a phrase famously attributed to Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution (1789-1799) in response to the lack of bread during a great famine, when the peasantry went hungry. Evidently this princess was oblivious to the plight of the working-class starving for lack of bread, and understandably the working class was oblivious to their unnatural addiction to carbohydrates.

Today's diabetes epidemic undermines society's bread-based eating lifestyle. Most Americans may not realize that our perception of comfort food is an ideal based on Western European cuisine. Due to colonization, bread has become a staple to the diets of human civilization. French cuisine relies on an abundance of grain in the form of bread, noodles and starchy sauces. But recently, scientists and researchers have begun to unravel the links between food addiction, gluten intolerance, and how common diseases—like arthritis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and many others once thought to be hereditary—are actually addiction-oriented side-effects to this Neolithic diet.

Today, there is a whole other kind of revolution at hand. On one hand you have the industrial revolution led by corporations and politicians whose hand in ruling is summed best by Henry Kissinger, who said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the oil controls the continents; who controls money can control the world.”

On the other hand, you have Revolutionary researchers and scientists who have unlocked the secret path to wellness. What is this secret? Basically, it’s the truth, and the truth is that we are essentially animals living in a state of denial of our addictions to sugar and carbohydrates.

The chemical reactions that occur when we consume a plate of spaghetti, an energy drink, or a bowl of ice cream are not far cry from a dose of morphine. I would argue addiction to sugar is harder to break than that of heroin.

The food industry understands this concept makes for a tremendous marketing scheme. This marketing scheme is based on a monstrous surplus of grains and sugars. Actually, aside from disease, one of the first things Columbus brought with him was the sugar cane. Next would be slavery.

So profiteers have this surplus on hand and know how to use this knowledge of chemical reactions based on addictions and obsessions with immediate yet temporary (and quickly depleting) satisfaction to feed into our longing for comfort foods. This may be why so many of us have our cake and eat it too. Face it—we’re hooked!

Due to the relationship between business, marketing and human nature's constant “pursuit of happiness" (which is brief and only fuels future cravings), the ruling class is still encouraging us to "eat cake,” while many suffer from diabetes and various other diseases. I attribute this to European cuisine.

One could argue that “our pursuit of happiness” and our addictions to sugar and grains (found to be the culprit that drives anxiety) is in fact the driving force of our consumer-based economy. An economy that is unabashedly based on capitalizing on fear and causing us to consume so-called comfort foods that weaken our immune system, rot out teeth, cause depression, and make us addicted, obsessive-compulsive, self-absorbed beasts of burden—effectively leading us to become the driving force behind the medical industry and capitalism as a whole.

The best things in life are free and shared!

Once upon a time, before man was tricked into toiling in the fields of the bourgeoisie, from the cradle to the grave, man could hunt and gather to provide sustenence for his family and comrades. Scientists like Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf have found that our ancestors were taller, stronger, and had much better teeth than modern men with less disease. This was due to the diet that suits us best, the one American Indians have evolved on for eons: the tried and true Paleolithic Diet based on meat and vegetables and the occasional bug or two.

So what were the comfort foods of that bygone era? Of course, it must be the roast! Vive la flamme! Vive la Révolution!

David Bender, a proud member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, adopted the Paleolithic Diet to combat disease and regain his health. Read about his family's dedication to overcoming their addictions to sugar and carbohydrates in "Native Family Turns to its Roots to Combat Poor Health and Food Addiction."

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misty's picture
Submitted by misty on
While this article raises important points (BTW, Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake."), it doesn't mention self-responsibility. You are what you eat is true. And that is by choice. I can eat food that is not good for me, or I can choose to design a healthy way of eating. There is enough information available in libraries and via the media (TV, Internet) that enables people to make better choices. The first step to good health is to stop pointing fingers. The carbs are out there. Fatty fast food is out there. But YOU control what goes into your mouth. YOU control how much and the type of exercise to keep yourself active. You cannot control your genetic disposition, but you can work with what your body needs for good health.

bwaikiki's picture
Submitted by bwaikiki on
I have often thought that a possible contribution to high level of diabetes for indigenous people was dairy products. I was told that diabetes was unknown in one Eastern community of Indians until the early 1950s. This was about the same time that free milk was promoted on some reservation schools and cheese was a highly desirable staple in commodities given out on reservations. The free milk in schools was the mandatory drink, even for children who had been diagnosed lactose intolerant and provided a Doctor's note. Schools were reluctant to provide juice or water instead. Milk and dairy products also are European contributions. I have read that only babies have the enzyme that processes milk; that it is lost as the individual grows up and may not be the perfect food for all ages like the Dairy Industry promotes.