Live Painting, December 2010, by Yatika Starr Fields

Artist Yatika Starr Fields Seeks to Join U.S. Team in Poland


Yatika Starr Fields, Cherokee/Creek/Osage is a Brooklyn-based artist (a member of the AIMKrew) who is among the competitors for a spot on the U.S. ArtBattles team. ArtBattles is an organization that stages live art events all over the world in what famous painter Chuck Close described as "a poetry slam of art."

Fields is currently in third place (out of 36 contestants)  in online voting; if he can hold on he'll be competing with three other artists at an event on January 27 in New York City. The winner of that competition will join the U.S. ArtBattles team this summer in Poland.

To learn more about Yatika and vote for him, visit his profile page on Voting ends at midnight. You can see all the competing artists on this page.

Yatika Fields Midnight Terrain with Kite
Yatika Fields Greene St. ArtBattle

Yatika Fields

Yatika Fields

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Beautiful paintings!

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