Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly Presents Check to Beclabito Chapter

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly Presents Check to Beclabito Chapter


On January 17, the Beclabito Chapter of the Navajo Nation received a check by Nation President Ben Shelly for $160,000 towards enhancements pertaining to Local Governance Act Certification Process.

“It is a long process for a chapter to become certified. It was with great honor to present the check to the chapter. They worked hard to become certified and Beclabito is working toward self-sufficiency,” Shelly stated in a press release.

The Navajo Nation consists of 110 chapters and the Beclabito Chapter is the 28th chapter to become LGA certified, with the LeChee chapter close to becoming certified according to the Nation press release.

Funds are used to further plan and develop an alternative form of governance and cannot be used for personnel, bonuses, or equipment. With each certification, the chapters move towards self-sufficiency, as they are able to implement new authorities such as home site leasing, business lease development, alternative forms of governance.

The Beclabito Chapter is still a subunit of the tribal government and accountable to standard laws and procedures.

At the check presentation, Shelly encouraged the chapter to invest the money in youth and elderly, while improving community needs that include roads, utilities and housing.

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