Author Speaks Out on Tucson Book and Ethnic Studies Ban

Author Speaks Out on Tucson Book and Ethnic Studies Ban


Winona LaDuke, one of the Native American authors banned from the Tucson Unified School District, recently spoke out about the book and ethnic studies ban in Tucson, Arizona.

She gets into the history of banning books, by saying: "Book banning has a distasteful history. Catholic priests burned Mayan books in 1562. Nazi Germany banned 4,100 or so books from 1932-39. Various books have been banned at many times across the world, including in the U.S."

Read her full piece online at, a news website out of North Dakota.

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My experiences in this culture, usa, has been difficult. It doesn't surprise me that it censors literature, like burning books in the past by catholics and nazis. I've come to believe that actions have consequences, and censoring literature or history, will have consequences for the usa. I think there is already a disconnect from history in usa, at least mainstream usa, like popular media. Popular media began with bizzare products in,apporoxomatly, the 1910 to 1970 time frame. From 1970 on, popular usa media seems to me, to be moving further away from usa history, and becoming more bizzare. Amongst other things, like acknowledging its crimes against humanity toward Native American peoples, the popular usa media is becoming more bizzare, I think it might be becoming dangerous to viewers also, because of a lack of knowledge in popular usa of usa history toward Native American peoples. The usa is a sick people, they need to be healed to become healthy.